Throwback Thursday (except it's Friday but that's my day off so deal with it)

I love seeing all the old pictures on Facebook on Thursdays but I never really feel like I have enough time on Thursdays to sort through old pictures and post one. But this morning as I was rereading some of my old blog, I came across this post that cracked me up. It's even better than 80's hair in that it's pretty embarrassing. I can't believe I used to use the health of my va-j-j as material! Aghhhh!!!!!

Friday, December 21st, 2007

        About a week and half ago I woke up with some problems down yonder. So instead of a fun day with my boyfriend, I spent the morning at the Dr's learning that I had a urinary track infection AND a yeast infection. Later that day, I got my period and surrendered to the absolute shittiness of the situation. I basically cried for the rest of the night and sent my boyfriend home so he and I could cut our losses before I accidentally died.

Things got better in the sense that my va-j-j recovered. But I'm still weepy. I leave for Africa in a week and two days and every time I say the words, "crying" or "weepy" as in "I feel a little weepy" I just automatically start crying. 

I've been trying to find a sub-leaser and haven't had that much luck. I met one girl who flaked out early last week. Last night I interviewed a young man and since both of my roommates were gone, I asked my friend Aida to interview with me. I was nervous interviewing men by myself alone in the house. She came over, like the trooper she is (She asked when he was coming and when I said in half an hour, she said, "Ok, i just wanted to know how quickly I needed to put on some pants). 
      So we  met with this guy, David. After jib-jabbering on about himself basically sounding like a singles ad he asked why there were so many oriental bars in Seattle. (Aida wondered out loud after he left, "bars with rugs?")  And when we suggested he check out capitol hill for bars he said he wasn't going to go there because it was just a bunch of gays who would hit on him. I tensed. Aida tensed. Then he explained he'd had enough of "normal looking guys" hitting on him in prison. I just silently stared at him. I had no idea where to even start.
      I looked at Aida. She said to David, "Do you like music?" David said he did. And Aida said, "Well you will miss out on a pretty cool music scene by worrying you are going to get hit on." Isn't she so great? All I could think of was, "You have a bad attitude David, and I don't like you." 
     There was another guy who was supposed to call and come over last night. When the scheduled calling time came and went, I called him. He was like, 
"Well Hey Melissa! How's it going? What are you doing?" 
"Uh well, Ty, not much. How was christmas shopping?" 
"Man, it was stressful. I'm at the bar now." 
"Oh ok. Well I was just calling to tell you that whether or not you were still interested in seeing the place tonight I'm calling it a night." 
"No yeah. that's fine. I'm probably not going to be getting out of here for awhile." 


he told me to call HIM on Sunday to schedule a time to meet. Fat chance. This is the type of person who doesn't pay you on time and borrows things saying, "I'll get you the next time." Next time being something akin to seeing a unicorn or winning the lottery.

But I meet with more people on Sunday. I reposted my ad and I feel hopeful about the people who have responded so far. 

Today was my last day as Fiona and Sineady's nanny. They are both going to pre-school when I leave and will remain there when I get back. I'm more than a little taken aback about this. I cried about it earlier. And since I just wrote out the word "cried" I'm crying again. 

The girls have really been torn up about it. In fact Sinead threw a really fantastic fit earlier about whether or not the big stuffed dog she takes naps on should be in her room or not. Then Fiona told me, "I DON'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU! I WANT MOM!!!"  let it out girls, let it out. It was almost our own little Good Will Hunting moment. "It's not your fault, Fiona. It's not your fault." 

This might be a little dramatic but last night I woke up with diarrhea and this morning the button on my pants popped off. 

I have the sneaking suspicion that I'm going to get a second degree burn in a freak Christmas tree fire or I'm going to grow a third nipple in my armpit. A stress nipple.


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