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"New Mom"

Darry Update:
     Darry is doing wonderful! He had a neurological assessment by an OT today. It was hilarious watching her try to get him interested in a toy to track back and forth. Darry preferred just to look at her and smile. So she moved her head back and forth to see how well he tracked. He did really well overall. He scored very high on his cognitive and a little lower on his physical. He's very active but when it comes to tummy time, he really only prefers to look toward his right. He will eventually move his head to the left but it doesn't seem like he enjoys it. So even though his physical score was still in the normal range we're going to get an assessment from a physical therapist to see if there is some muscular tightness going on. Or they might say there is nothing to worry about, he's just getting started. Either way it's a really tiny hitch in his giddy-up but I felt a little sad anyway. It's just hard because he's already been through so m…