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The Books I Read!

Countdown of the 38 Books I Read in 2012 from good to BEST
38-36: 50 Shades of Gray, E.L. James—So I read them, don’t get all grouchy at me. They’re not terrible, but not particularly great writing. A little juicy, a little dumb. I was inspired that mediocre writing could make millions! I also particularly enjoyed the fantasy of a wealthy-beyond-belief guy who was devastatingly attractive but so emotionally tormented. Until he meets the protagonist. My friend Denise and I called this the “but he needs me” syndrome.
35 Spoon Fed: How 8 Cooks Saved My Life, Kim Severson—I enjoyed Severson’s tales about herself and found myself impressed with her ability to talk about her family in a reveling but cautious way. I felt like I knew her family without any lines of their privacy being crossed. I wish I could say the same for how she writes about the cooks in her life. I found her narrative about them at turns, catty, rude and neurotic.
34 Some Assembly Required, Anne Lamott, Sam Lamott—I wi…