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Growing up we rarely had peas as my dad is not much of a fan. However, whenever there were peas served, he liked to note that he ate them despite them not being his favorite. This, of course, made my siblings and I roll our eyes. We weren't picky eaters by any means but none of us like beets or this weird cabbage dish appropriately called "Stuff", both of which my parents loved. We were a little whiny about it. So to set an example, Dad would announce how polite he was being every time he ate peas. Which was a good call because none of us would have noticed otherwise. To his credit, he doesn't do this anymore. In fact, my sister and I both made dishes with peas in them the last time he and Mom were out here and he made a point of saying how much he wanted to try it WITH the peas and was not only game but very complementary.

Shaughn loves peas. They are easily one of his favorites so we grow quite a few in our garden. But every time I pick them, I can't help but t…

Throwback Thursday (except it's Friday but that's my day off so deal with it)

I love seeing all the old pictures on Facebook on Thursdays but I never really feel like I have enough time on Thursdays to sort through old pictures and post one. But this morning as I was rereading some of my old blog, I came across this post that cracked me up. It's even better than 80's hair in that it's pretty embarrassing. I can't believe I used to use the health of my va-j-j as material! Aghhhh!!!!!
Friday, December 21st, 2007
        About a week and half ago I woke up with some problems down yonder. So instead of a fun day with my boyfriend, I spent the morning at the Dr's learning that I had a urinary track infection AND a yeast infection. Later that day, I got my period and surrendered to the absolute shittiness of the situation. I basically cried for the rest of the night and sent my boyfriend home so he and I could cut our losses before I accidentally died.

Things got better in the sense that my va-j-j recovered. But I'm still weepy. I leave for Afric…


On August 6th, Shaughn and I will celebrate 3 years of marriage. Although we have talked about whether or not we wanted to go out or eat in (eat in: steaks from the quarter cow we just bought), there hasn't been much conversation around anniversary gifts. Which is typical. Of me. 
Shaughn is an amazing gift giver. He puts a lot of thought into them and is happy to splurge on me. While I'll have to strong arm him to buy things he needs, he has no problem hording tip money to buy me something lavish. He never misses a birthday, an anniversary, or a Valentine's Day. I mean, I'm a real lucky lady. Last year was our "cotton" anniversary and Shaughn got me a big fluffy white bathrobe. I got Shaughn a big fat nothing. He even got me a card. Honestly, I thought we were just going out to eat for our anniversary. I had no idea we were exchanging gifts! I felt like such a schmuck. 
This year I ALMOST DID IT AGAIN! The only reason I didn't was because I asked Shaughn…