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Well, I'm 10 days overdue. To have a baby. I'd really like to blame the baby because that's my parenting philosophy but he's been heads down seven up for months now. I'm pretty sure he's just as annoyed as I am that this is taking so long. We're passengers on a road trip that has lost its romance. We're tired of touching and we've heard all each other's stories. Joanna Newsom's sad crone voice is on repeat with that line of hers, "And I am progressing abominably."Well that and the line about slow low flying turkeys. If you've ever seen one, it's impressive and surprisingly graceful but you're also fairly concerned that it will fly right into a tree. I walked up Phinney Ridge to the bakery Fresh Flours and felt a little obscene. My belly is so big and the baby is riding so low that walking is less like a waddle and more like two halves of two different people not quite going the same direction. And I can't tell you h…