Another May

I didn't mean to make this blog a once-a-year-purple-hair blog, but sometimes that's how it goes. It's May again and it's time to streak your hair purple for Pediatric Stoke Awareness Month!

Although, to be honest, I wasn't planning on doing the purple hair streak this year. For one, I cut my hair really short. I'm over 5 months pregnant, have had a barfy and anxiety-ridden pregnancy so far, and have had this urge to exert my toughness, like a cranky old dog with sore hips who bites if you bother her or act like your going to bother her. And having a near buzz cut helps me pull this off (kind of. I was given a coupon by a very old woman at the grocery store and then some Safeway Monopoly pieces from possibly homeless man who looked at my cart and my big belly and said, "She has a whole family to feed with another one on the way--you take these." So clearly I'm not being all that tough if everyone and their coupon-cutting grandma can approach me.).…

Makin' May Matter

It's May again! Pediatric Stroke Awareness month! Yahoo!

Ok, well not yahoo, exactly. But I was more excited for it this year than I was last year. That first year was just so tender and vulnerable for me. It's hard to have a big diagnosis for your child and find the balance between facing the challenges with determination and yet working so hard to not let it define your child or your family. I can't say I've found that balance but Darry is so. much. fun. And that is cathartic and distracting. Or rather, enjoying Darry moves my center to something other than the worry and fear which goes beyond being distracted and into something much sweeter.

I signed Shaughn and I up to attend the fundraiser "Wishes for Warriors" for the Pediatric Stroke Warriors organization. We dressed up, dropped Darry off at my sister's and headed out to Issaquah where the event was being held. We bid on several silent auction items but were outbid. The tables displaying the silent …

It's a New Year

Happy New Year!

It's been a beautiful new year so far. It's like that Anne of Green Gables line about tomorrow being fresh with no mistakes in it and Miss Stacy saying, "No mistakes, yet."

Shaughn had to work today so we made a big breakfast together before he had to leave. Last January, I started making little notes about our life on small squares of paper, folding them up, and putting them in this big beautiful bowl we got from some friends of ours. The bowl, the squares of paper and one of my favorite pens, are all on our bookshelf. Shaughn also wrote notes but not as frequently. I probably didn't explain it very well because this morning as we took turns reading them to each other, he kept saying, "Oh! I didn't know I was supposed to write about that..." But it was so sweet to read out loud our little notes, it's definitely a new tradition that's a keeper. Some favorites:

"Bad new, Melissa! I'm going to eat our son up!"--Sh…

Streak for Stroke!

A few months ago I joined a couple Facebook groups for parents whose kiddos had a stroke. Which is weird sentence to write and even weirder to live. It was in these groups that I found out that May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness month. Which as a mom of a stroke survivor (they call them warriors), I'm really happy about. I'd love more research and treatment options! But I also worry that it's too much for people to add another sad thing to be aware of. I mean, it's a lot. Especially sad kids things. Plus I have this acute longing to be unaware of pediatric stroke. I told a co-worker recently May was Pediatric Stroke Awareness month and she said, "Huh. I didn't know it happened often enough to have it's own month." I wasn't surprised that she had never heard of it but I was surprised how jealous it made me to know significantly less than I do about pediatric stroke. And while more research on how to best treat a child who has had a stroke is needed,…

Follow-up EEG

Darry is growing like a weed, although still kind of a skinny guy. Today he was only in the 16%
percentile for weight. But he's long and his noggin is perfect so perhaps he'll take after all the tall Swede types in my family. Today was a follow up EEG and a visit with his neurologist. We left this morning with lots of time. We went to check in only to find out that we were supposed to be at the Cherry Hill hospital. I looked at the lady and looked around and asked, "Isn't that where we are?" No, we were at the First Hill. Oh right. So we scrambled back in the car and raced over to the Cherry Hill site which is only a few blocks away. I let Shaughn and Darry out at the entrance and parked the car in what seemed like the most haphazardly arranged garage you've ever seen. Shaughn had already checked Darry in and was headed to the EEG lab. I followed his directions but even still I had to ask for further directions from staff three more times. Finally a nurse wa…