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Hillbilly Hankerin'

My sophomore year, my best friends, Anne and Jacqui, and I all went out for the all-school play "Emperor's New Clothes". We were cast as the Emperor's daughters. And we were so awesomely snotty and high pitched, it was a distraction to the show. It was by far my favorite role of my career. We didn't have a lot of lines, we were mostly told to not act but react to everything in a stepsister-y kind of way. I only remember one line, "I hate and LOATHE this, Daddy!"

(Sitting down: Anne, Me, Jac. Behind us, our parents: the Empress Stephanie McAllister, Emperor Michael Rust. Center stage: Tyla Vogt leading Carmen Williams (I think?) Back stage right of the Emperor is ?, can't see, Jacob Thaler and Andy Hagberg) 

(From left to right: Emperor Mike Rust, Andy, ME!, Terah Binder, Jacqui, Anne, Empress Steph)

My junior year I remember well the try outs for the all-school play, Hillbilly Hankerin'. I felt like I nailed every single part. I wondered if maybe…


(Two and half years ago, I wrote...)

Friday night I went to a show on Cap Hill with my dear friends Basil and Emily. The show didn't even go on until 11 and not wanting another incident where I go home before the band even plays, I drank some tea. Because i also didn't want to be up too much past the band playing.

We went and got drinks at the Wild Rose before and after the show. We danced and in general had a great time, although i will admit that there was a moment in the night where I thought, "Oh no! I'm missing my evening vitamin!"

And since only other people in the evening of their 20's seem to want to hear about how strange it is to get older, i've decided to shift gears and write about drama. I wish I was writing about being in the kind of glee club as seen on Glee but we didn't have glee. We had swing choir where we had black skirts and white button down shirts with the biggest yellow cumberbun you have ever seen. I've seen skirts smal…