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Position: Stay At Home Lady

I went in for my interview for home with 4 disabled women. The supervisor talked non-stop the whole time. She showed me the house, everyone's room, and just talked about this woman's medical problem, and the licenser-this and the licenser-that. And the woman who was manic paced around the house and bit her fist and then spontaneously yelled. She walked by me several times not noticing me at all. But one of the times she passed me she got a little closer and I knew she was up to something. The next time she passed me she started to reach for me arms outstretched just like a zombie. I didn't yell, "Aghhhhh!" like I wanted but I did say "Oh!" and the supervisor just steered her away from me. And the next time she passed by she went for me and I moved behind the supervisor like I used to hide behind mom when Nate was chasing me. By the end of the interview, I think the supervisor and I both knew that it wasn't going to work out. But she nicely asked for…

Guard Your Garden

The goal for this week has been to get a job. On days off I can look something akin to a koala bear. Some people can look at me from one hour to the next and the question constantly burning in their brains is, "Man she's so cute--has she moved? At all?" The two main ports in my storm are usually the bathroom and the fridge.

So it is often a surprise to some--least of all me--how motivated I can be when it comes to finding a job. Yesterday I wrote so many cover letters that I was starting to feel like I was talking about someone else. Like I was my own secretary or something. It was weird.

Today, Mom and I ran around Lyndonville and St. Johnsbury to drop of more resumes and apply for more jobs. It was pretty fun. I have one interview for Thursday at an adult care facility. There are 4 disabled women who need a lot of personal care. I'm not sure it's for me but I'm really excited for the interview anyway. I mean maybe once i get there and talk to the supervisor i…

The Naming of Things

Isn't there a Caedmon's (sp?) Call song about the naming of things? Now that I'm with Mom and Dad for the summer, things like this come to mind. I went for the singing part of church today which is called Worship in most evangelical churches. I was surprised how many songs I still knew. Although, I had this really loud guy behind me who sang so loud that I'm not sure if I was singing along with the tune or not. He had such a dramatic virbrato that I almost wondered if there was someone shaking him.

I decided to start a new blog for several reasons, the main one being the old one felt a little lonely over there in livejournal where no one goes anymore. I sort of felt like the last one to lunch or something. But when I went to name this one, I just couldn't really let go of my old blog name. It's from a Anne Lamott story where she is being so mean to someone it would have made Jesus drink gin straight from the cat dish. Growing up in a conservative family in a wat…