Yesterday I decided to heat up one of those frozen quiches from Trader Joes for dinner as I was in a bit of a rush. I turned on the oven, took the quiche out of the wrapper and little box and put it on a sheet pan and stuck it in the oven. Then I hopped in the shower to use my new scrub brush. It's one of those funny ones with the long handle that you see people using to wash their back. It was an impulse buy at Bartells. Happens. Turns out the scrub brush is incredibly awkward. I kept hitting the shower curtain and the sides of the shower wall.

When I hopped out of the shower I went and checked on the quiche. I opened the oven and looked but it wasn't there. I shut the door, looked at the top of the empty stove, and looked in the oven again. I looked around the kitchen and then again in the oven. Nowhere. I checked the fridge and the freezer. And the oven another 6 times. I peeked into the living room. I looked in the oven again. And then I looked in the bottom shelf  of the oven where I had gotten the sheet pan. There on top of a sheet pan was my quiche. It looked so funny in there. But totally good natured about it, like it was in no hurry to be baked and savored.

I just found out that my job won't have enough hours for me in the fall. I had known it was a remote possibility but had hoped for another year. It's pretty sad. I've said for awhile that this would be my last family I would nanny for. I know I don't want to nanny again but I really have no idea what I want to do next. It's really intimidating. Childcare workers who want to switch careers often face the similar battle stay-at-home mom's face. It's hard to explain how working with kids translates into another field of work. Especially when the misconception of childcare is still so prevalent. "Must be nice to just play all day."

It's sad to end such an intimate relationship with these really wonderful children. It's scary to be trying to begin anew in this economic climate. But there is a lot of time between now and the fall. I'm expecting things to fall into place in a really awesome way. Until then, I'm trying to be quiche-like. Not quite in the right place but in no hurry to be in the oven.


  1. It is a wonder to me that we give so little respect (and pay) to the people responsible for nurturing the next generation. It plays out even at the university level - e.g. a PhD in education is less respected than a PhD in psychology.

    What's your dream next step? (Paid or otherwise!)

    1. That's a great question! It's one I've been asking myself hourly. :-)
      Here are some of the wants so far:
      --fun co-workers
      --pays well
      --30-40 hours
      --interesting work

      piece of cake, right?

  2. Haha, loved this. Felt the anxiety mounting as you searched for the quiche. :) We've got lots of good job vibe over here lately so I'm sending you tons.


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