cats and kids

Last night I hung out with my friend, Emily. She was telling me about her boyfriend's cat who likes to chew on things it could not possibly conquer. Like a table. As she was telling me this, we heard it start to chew on something. She goes over to it asking it if it had found another bottle cap. It was chewing on a phone charger still plugged into the wall.
"What no! Don't do that! Oh my God! Are you going to try to put a penny in a light socket next?!"

Phoebe and I were at the park the other day with some kids we watch. A couple of them were in the sandbox with some other kids. I was watching them from another part of the park until I saw a little 2 year old (if that) start taking off his clothes. He took of his socks, his pants and then his underwear. I was like, uh....So Phoebe and I go over there just to sort of monitor the situation and hopefully draw the attention of his adult. Another kid I watch came up to see what was going on and took one look at the half naked little boy and said, "Really, kid?" and walked away. I walked away with him right as I heard the naked kid's mom yelp and scramble to get his clothes back on saying over and over "This is so inappropriate." Which, I thought, was way better than the existential crisis I have when these things happen to me. "Why why why why WHY?!" I ask the empty heavens.

I was talking to the 8 year old about how funny that whole thing was and he reminded me that adults are pretty ridiculous sometimes too. I agreed but then I pointed out that the consequences were a lot more severe for an adult taking their clothes off at a park than for a 2 year old. He agreed and then thought for a minute and asked, "What do you mean?" This is so inappropriate I thought to myself and changed the subject.


  1. I laughed hysterically at the cat chewing on the charger. Remember Ranessa's dumb Beagle when you stayed overnight at our ridiculously hot house in Carroll? He chewed on an extension cord plugged into the wall. It was getting shocked and the cord wasnt coming out of it's mouth but Ranessa didn't want to touch him. He was pretty lethargic for a few days but came out of it. I remember laughing at her when she told me the story when I got home that night. Apparently my sense of humor hasn't changed since watching Babe: Pig in the City in Lynch! I'm terrible!

  2. Danae, I did think of Ranessa's dog! I told Phoebe the story last night and we both giggled quite a bit.

  3. I just read this out loud to the family and we all laughed at your 8-year-old's comment (who we all know and love). :)


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