Position: Stay At Home Lady

I went in for my interview for home with 4 disabled women. The supervisor talked non-stop the whole time. She showed me the house, everyone's room, and just talked about this woman's medical problem, and the licenser-this and the licenser-that. And the woman who was manic paced around the house and bit her fist and then spontaneously yelled. She walked by me several times not noticing me at all. But one of the times she passed me she got a little closer and I knew she was up to something. The next time she passed me she started to reach for me arms outstretched just like a zombie. I didn't yell, "Aghhhhh!" like I wanted but I did say "Oh!" and the supervisor just steered her away from me. And the next time she passed by she went for me and I moved behind the supervisor like I used to hide behind mom when Nate was chasing me. By the end of the interview, I think the supervisor and I both knew that it wasn't going to work out. But she nicely asked for my references anyway if I wanted to move forwarded. She also gave me a list for other positions that were available but they all look dumb.

I drove to the rehab center next, dropping off a resume for the dietary aide position. The woman was on the phone and told me to just put the resume down. And she went back to her phone call. I wanted to cry but I also really wanted to strangle her with her telephone cord.

So no job yet. And it's almost the end of the week which was when I was hoping to have one.

So far today I've watched Twilight, made chicken salad for sandwiches, started loading my cds onto itunes (after the great hard drive swipe), broke a lamp, put the ham and beans on a slow simmer, and applied online for a bank teller (it took over an hour because they had one of those "no answer is wrong" long surveys). Oh and had one of those crying/laughing conversations with Shaughn. You know, the kind where you sort of start to cry but it's all just so pathetic you start to laugh... All I want is to be is a stay-at-home-person. For instance, instead of that death-defying interview I could have finished my little in-house garden.

I feel a little bit like Brit (Bret) from Flight of the Conchords when he's in one of his apathetic yet mopey moods.


  1. I found the first interview story to be hysterical, I don't know if I should, but picturing it made me laugh! Love you so much!

  2. by the way, that was me, Laura :)

  3. Maybe you should make a hair helmet. That seemed to make Bret feel better. :-)

    BTW, got your message. This week is kind of nuts, mainly for good reasons (WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE DECEMBERISTS!!!), but I'll try to call you back sometime soon.

    Much love, friend,


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