The Proposal

Love is a many splendored thing. Or something like that.

A couple months ago, or so, Shaughn and I were on one of our walks through drizzly Seattle and we got talking about marriage and if we wanted to get married, where and when. I made a strong case for getting married next summer and Shaughn paused to hyperventilate in someone's lovely petunia patch. It's not that Shaughn doesn't want to get married or that, God forbid, he doesn't want to marry me, it's just that contemplating big changes tend to make his throat swell. We couldn't be more different in this. I contemplate big life changes daily--"Maybe I should quit my job and hitchhike to Mexico tomorrow?" or "I'm pretty sure the tumor in my brain shifted and I should get working on that book soon. Maybe in the mountains." and "If I win the lottery I'm going to take up yacht racing." And if you know me at all, I hope you know I'm capable of any and all of these whims. A whim to Shaughn, though, is to take a different route home, or to splurge on handmade butter at the farmer's market. He is strong and steady and loves to surprise me with flowers or champagne. The other day he brought home a red toy tractor because I grew up on a farm and my favorite color is red.

Anyway, we agreed we wanted to get married and Shaughn insisted he wanted to propose. And when I asked if he wanted to buy the ring or if we could buy it together he politely asked if I wanted to cut his balls off.

So I have been pestering him to ask me already. Everytime I brought it up he would say, "I know how I'm doing it so leave me alone!!" But if you know how your going to do it then do it!!!

A couple weeks ago on Taco Thursday, we had just finished our beef cheek tacos and had snuggled in to watch a movie. We were both in excellent moods and he got up and came back with a small bag of plain m&m's. This isn't unusual although, I prefer peanut or peanut butter m&m's but I was hardly going to be a rudypants about it. So there we were, snuggled on the couch, I'm popping m&m's and watching the movie. Shaughn, however, is watching me and smiling. He looks really weird. I smile and say thank you again for the m&m's and he just smiles back. And stares. I smile and look away. He stares. Finally, Shaughn! What are you doing? What do you want? And he just sort of hems and haws and then asks if he can have some. Well then I feel a little greedy and say of course he can. I take his hand in mine and start shaking out some m&m's. That is when I realize that they are all red and white. And they had words written on them. I look closer and half of them say--Will You--and the other half say--Marry Me--

It was such a sweet falling feeling. All gasps and tears and sloppy attemps to take a picture of them with my phone. Shaughn gave me the raised eyebrows and then cleared his throat and said, "So..."And Of course I said yes. Then I squealed and jumped around and accidentally threw my phone clear across the room.

It was late enough in the evening that I couldn't get a hold of Mom and Dad. But I got a hold of Nate who said if he were me, he'd just keep calling until someone answered their F*&*ing phone. When I started laughing he said, "What? That's what I do."

I told Jacob to "Guess what!!??!!" and he said, "I just want you to tell me."
Which might be my favorite response to that question. I could hear Laura cheer in the background.

Jen bounced around explaining to Sinead and Fiona that yes I was going to get married and no that didn't mean I was going to have kids any time soon. Paul texted "Shut. Up."

Mom squealed and Dad left a message I still have on my phone that says, "What great news! Don't forget a single moment, because I can't wait to hear all about it!"

But seriously, I can't even describe how sappy I feel. Shaughn, who for some reason doesn't like the word fiancé, has instead referred to me as his future wifey. We both are surprised at how giddy we are about it. For a week I sang, "I am engaged" to the tune of "I've got two pickles" from Little Rascals. Man, it is fantastic!

Alright, if you're married I want to hear your proposal story.


  1. Miss I'm so happy for you and Shaughn! I'm shedding some tears just imagining how excited you must be. What an adorable way to propose. That cracks me up you ate a bunch before you realized anything was up with them. I wish I could give you a great big hug and have a nice long chat in person. Love and miss you lots!

  2. Ooooooohhhhh! I'm so excited and that's so cute!!! Great proposal. At first I thought you were going to say the ring was in the bag, at which I was going to be very impressed that he got a ring inside of an m&m bag then resealed it. I mean wow! The messages are so cute though, especially with the staring, grinning Shaughn :) Congrats. Josh proposed without us really having even talked about it more than just a "someday" discussion. It was a total ring. We were walking around Green Lake as we always did in those days to be alone and away from our roommates :) He just dropped to one knee in the middle of the path and floored me. I bawled on the green lake path and said yes. Then we went ring shopping the next day together. He is a whim follower as well, my Josh is! Love ya and hope to see you soon. You are planning on saving some of those M&Ms and seeing how long they last with their preservatives...yes?

  3. Mis-What a beautiful proposal story. I have the biggest grin on my face and goose bumps on my arms. He's a lucky man to have such and amazing future wifey.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Love p-

  4. OH Mis! I loved reading this! I especially liked the part about Shaughn asking if you wanted to cut his balls off. Bill will like him very much. :-)
    When Bill asked me to marry him, I was totally surprised and I didn't get it at first either! He had bought this trinket box thing that has 9 little drawers in it, and he told me to start opening the drawers. I obliged, thinking all along that I was going to get a nice pair of earrings at the end (as an early Valentine's day present - it was Febr. 2). I remember thinking, why is he giving me my Valentine's gift so early? But for some reason I didn't think it was too weird to assume it wasn't a Valentine's gift at I continue opening drawers and in every drawer is a segment of a poem he'd written for me. He had written me poems many times before, so again, I think this is nothing surprising. But.....there was a tone to this poem that seemed different, more serious, more definite.....and by the last drawer I was starting to think maybe this wasn't going to be a pair of earrings, and it wasn' was just another piece of paper with the end of the poem - asking me to spend the rest of my life with him! I looked up a bit in disbelief and shock (I had been mostly ignoring him this entire time as I read my poem pieces) and there he was, down on bended knee, with a ring - just for lil' ole me. I said yes, as you very well know. :-)

    P.S. Bill and I hated the word fiance too. I was very glad when I could just call him my husband already. Bill calls me his "wiffle."


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