The Naming of Things

Isn't there a Caedmon's (sp?) Call song about the naming of things? Now that I'm with Mom and Dad for the summer, things like this come to mind. I went for the singing part of church today which is called Worship in most evangelical churches. I was surprised how many songs I still knew. Although, I had this really loud guy behind me who sang so loud that I'm not sure if I was singing along with the tune or not. He had such a dramatic virbrato that I almost wondered if there was someone shaking him.

I decided to start a new blog for several reasons, the main one being the old one felt a little lonely over there in livejournal where no one goes anymore. I sort of felt like the last one to lunch or something. But when I went to name this one, I just couldn't really let go of my old blog name. It's from a Anne Lamott story where she is being so mean to someone it would have made Jesus drink gin straight from the cat dish. Growing up in a conservative family in a watchful town, it's easy to feel like everyone is reading with slight disapproval. So even though this blog will not be about cats and rarely about gin, one of my favorite things to write about is that moment of going from clueless to aware. And it might make you want to drink gin straight from the cat dish. If you had a cat, which this blog is definitely not about.

Correction: The Naming of Things is an Andrew Bird song isn't it? Silly me. The lines between pagan and christian are so twisty! :-)


  1. nice to see you in your new space. I'll be reading along for sure.

  2. hey there kid. i got a blogspot account last year and never used it. now it comes in handy. i'm glad you'll be writing while you're away. you won't seem as not here. i miss you already. it's summery here. all warm and sunny, but i'm always wary of seattle summers because they never seem to last. they're like the really hot boy in school who is suddenly flirting with you. sure it's really exciting, but c'mon, he's not fooling anyone.


  3. yay, so glad you're going to write about the summer! I always love reading you...


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