We got a doggie! His name is Reggie and he's cocker spaniel puppy. He is a total cutie patootie. Shaughn walks him into work every morning where he eats boxes, and the rug, and weird bull penis treats that Shaughn gets him to persuade him from eating the other things. He follows Shaughn up and down the store in complete loyal happiness. If Shaughn goes out of site, Reggie rushes to check on him. If Reggie is asleep on my lap and Shaughn walks out of the room, Reggie bolts awake and lunges to follow.

Saturday Shaughn walked Reggie to the local coffee shop. Not sure if dogs were welcomed, Shaughn tied Reggie to the bike rack outside the door and went in. Reggie FREAKED out and pulled and pulled until he managed to move the bike rack far enough so he could reach the door and then stood with his big puppy paws on the glass door looking in at Shaughn and whined and whimpered as if Shaughn were being beaten. When Shaughn finished he untied Reggie who was all anxious and wound up because no one was able to check on Shaughn for those 15 seconds between being tied up and dragging the bike rack into view. As they began to walk home, Reggie made a giant poop right in the middle of the sidewalk. Shaughn called it his Fear Poop.


  1. OMG, you got a puppy!!! I'm so jealous, and happy for you! He's super cute! Give Reggie a snuggle from me and I hope you are well. We should recommence our e-mails as I miss you. Hope things are going well and I'll try to write soon!


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